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Purafil CCC+

Purafil announced their third new product release in 2014 from their innovation pipeline. The CCC+ is an expansion on the products they offer as part of the solution for indoor air quality assessments to identify gaseous contaminants in controlled environments. Corrosion Classification Coupons+ (CCC+) are a simple, reliable and cost-effective method of measuring corrosion levels, relative humidity and temperature in order to protect sensitive electronics. The newest upgrade in our collection of cutting-edge technologies, the CCC+ utilizes reactivity monitoring with copper and silver sensors. The CCC+ also contains a temperature and relative humidity logger for evaluation of controls and limits.
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Filtrec F420-D1

Filtrec is committed to offering affordable products and are continuously working to make improvements where possible. The new F420-D1 range from Filtrec will replace the former FD-1 range. These inline filters are for pressurs up to 420 bar.
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Purafil SGM

Purafil announced the second new product release in 2014 from their innovation pipeline. This product is an expansion of their chemical solutions for the semiconductor and microelectronic markets to control acid gases such as hydrogen sulfide. Committed to providing cutting-edge technologies, the new Semiconductor Grade Media "SGM" is a carbon-free, dry-scrubbing media that cleans the air without producing reaction by-products such as nitrogen oxides, known to cause defects on exposed wafers.
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FHS - Customised Filtration
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