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  FHS is the biggest filter distributor in Africa with the widest filter range available to our customers. Apart from the acclaimed brands listed below, we have access to numerous other brands and original manufacturers. Our substance in the filtration industry allows us to negotiate with manufacturers to ensure we deliver the most cost effective solutions.

  Donaldson was established in 1915 by Frank Donaldson who invented the first air cleaner. They are committed to research and development in all the different segments of filtration and this secured them a place as a global leader in filtration. FHS are affiliated with Donaldson for more than 25 years and has all the technical support from them to warrant expert advice and services.
  Filtrec is a specialised company devoted to produce the most comprehensive range of hydraulic, industrial and process filter housings and elements available. Their focused approach to the filtration industry guided them in the development of innovative materials and production techniques. Their own lab fitted with the best testing technology available allows them to guarantee leading edge filtration solutions and the highest quality on every product manufactured.
  Purafil developed the world’s first potassium permanganate air cleaning media, engineered to remove odours, hazardous, corrosive and toxic gases from the airstream. They maintain the position as gas filtration leader for over 40 years with the constant development of industry firsts, producing quality products and designing innovative clean air solutions.
  Yanmar produce lightweight, compact, high-power diesel engines, gas engines, and gas turbines that have superior combustion performance and reliability.
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