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  As a significant player in the filtration industry, FHS realised that today's filtration applications requires a technical and engineered-orientated approach.  Gas filtration forms an integral part of the FHS approach to deliver tailored filtration solutions.

Gas Filtration Applications

Gas Filtration solutions are as diverse as the applications. With years of experience and support in the gas filtration industry, the FHS team knows that every application is unique and should be treated as such.


We have a natural instinct to protect our possessions. From a business prospective we have already concluded that the protection of assets will be in the best interest of the company and can have an extensive effect on the overall results of the company. We can assist in the protection of people and equipment against harmful gases.

  • Protecting People – People will always be the most important assets an organisation can have and protecting them goes beyond meeting health and safety standards. In some environments where emergency gas scrubbers (EGS) or safe rooms are essential, the requirements are obvious. In environments where the requirements are not that conclusive, protection may still be needed. We assist our customers with investigating the environment to determine what will be required to ensure a comfortable and safe environment to work in.

  • Protecting Equipment – Every industry relies on technology for communication, production and delivering their expert services. As technology advances, equipment are getting more sensitive and are greatly affected by the environment. Corrosion causes ghost signals, down time and costly repairs. We ensure that you receive the best possible solution for your application whether a small cabinet unit, a pressurisation unit, a deep bed scrubber or a compressor unit is required.


The importance of indoor air quality is often overlooked in the preservation of historical artifacts and materials. Temperature, humidity, particculate matter and gaseous contaminents are all factors that must be considered in the preservation of materials, with gaseous polutants doing the most damage. Gaseous polutants such as vehicle fumes, smoke and nearby industrial polutants can enter the building through the HVAC system. Inside the building corrosive gasses come from cleaning materials, bioeffluents from people and off-gassing of the collection

Emergency Gas Scrubbing

Hazardous gasses like chlorine, amonia and sulfur dioxide are frequently used in daily manufacturing processes. An accidental release of any of these gasses will have disastrous ramifications. High amounts of gas spileage can cause damage to people and the environment kilometres away. Emergency gas scrubbers are designed to remove hazardous gasses from the air stream in the event of an accidental release.

Odour Control

We are always looking for ways to mordenise and advance our urban lifestyle. Technology and industries are growing, populations are increasing and cities are developing and extending their borders. These advancements are often accompanied with foul smells which can be uncomfortable and even harmful to humans. In many cases these foul smells can be eliminated with chemical filtration. All over the world waste water plants, food manufacturing facilities, airports, hotels and laboratories are making use of chemical filtration systems to get rid of nasty odours in the air.

Maintenance Solutions

Working with different industries, environments and budgets it is mandatory to customise each maintenance program to deliver a cost effective maintenance solution. Administering an inconsistent maintenance program creates a snowball effect, piling on costs with unplanned shut downs and damage to your equipment throughout your manufacturing plant. We can provide customised maintenance programs giving you peace of mind and freeing you to concentrate on your core business.

Depending on the customer, the following services may be included in a maintenance solution:

  • Supply of products
  • Maintenance planning
  • Monitoring and testing
  • Training
  • Supervising of change outs
  • Labour for change outs
  • Disposal of spent products
  • Reports

Filtration Units

Choosing a unit fitting for the application is important to achieve a cost effective solution. All the factors should be considered before a selection is made.

Gas-phase Filtration Media

Different media types are used to successfully remove gas from the air stream. Our gas filtration media range includes virgin carbon, impregnated carbon and impregnated alumina. The FHS team will assist you with selecting the correct media or combination of medias after considering the factors involved.

Monitoring & Testing

  • Coupons – Corrosion coupons are an inexpensive testing method to give us a snapshot of the degree of corrosion in the concerning environment.

  • Online Monitoring – Keeping track of the changes in the environment is important to guarantee the protection of equipment. We recommend online monitoring as part of a active approach against corrosion. The Onguard 3000 will keep you informed about your environment with readings on corrosion level, temperaturee and humidity.

Deep Bed System

  These units are  designed for highly corrosive environments and usually placed outside because of the size. The design and size of the unit will vary according to the application. Some of the considerations when designing a unit includes the gas types and concentrations, air requirements and placement of the unit.

Corrosive Air Unit

  Corrosive Air Units are used in less corrosive environments and in applications where secondary units must be used as recirculation units to polish the air inside a room.

Emergency Gas Scrubber

  When an accidental spileage or release of gas occurs, the reaction time is limited. These units are designed to deal with high amounts of hazardous gas in a short period of time.
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