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  Air filtration - sometimes overlooked in industrial applications - plays an integral role in inhibiting indirect costs. Ensuring the safety and comfort of people, protecting equipment and increasing reliability are all directly linked to the justifiable proceeds of the company.

Replacement Products

There are an assortment of products available meeting the specifications stipulated by OEMs. Choosing the correct replacement filter goes beyond the standard specifications of the OEM. Considering all factors that can affect the performance of your equipment, we will assist you in choosing the most suitable, cost effective replacement filters.

Air Intake Units

In industrial environments Air Intake Units are essential to protect people and equipment. Different units can be designed to deliver fresh air to offices as part of the HVAC system or to supply clean air to machinery and compressors.


Pressurisation is often used in dusty environments as a cost effective solution. Various units are available to suit the application and range from small uncomplicated units to spphisticated and bigger units.
FHS - Customised Filtration
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