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  We supply air filtration technology for On and Off road, and all types of operation environments to protect your engines and equipment, ensuring longer filter life and maximising the working life of your equipment. We set the standard for peak filtration performance.

  • Air filtration for the automotive industry consists of the following types of air cleaners
  • Light Duty - Primary dry type
  • Heavy duty - 2 stage with primary and safety elements
  • Extra Heavy Duty - 2 stage with primary and safety elements with improved pre cleaner capabilties

Air Cleaners

We supply air cleaners and air intake systems for vehicles operating in light, medium and heavy duty environments. These filters provide the best protection even in the most demanding applications.

There are two types of sealing systems on modern air cleaners:

Axial Seal

  The Axial Seal design requires a wing nut and gasket on the end of the element which requires a force between the air filter and the filter housing that provides a compression on the gaskets to provide a positive seal.

Radial Seal

  Radial Seal technology refers to the filter sealing on the air cleaner outlet tube to create the seal. This eliminates the need for wing nuts and has become the preferred sealing method.

Air Accessories

We supply service indicators, rubber adapters, clean air ducting, vacuator valves, stack extensions, mounting bands and hose clamps to suit all applications.

Pre Cleaners

Pre cleaners greatly extend filter element life and lower overall restriction due to less dust entering the air cleaner system.

Replacement Elements

Standard, Extended Life and High-efficiency Replacement Elements are available to ensure maximum protection to suit your needs.
FHS - Customised Filtration
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