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  We supply service indicators, rubber adapters, clean air ducting, vacuator valves, stack extensions, mounting bands and hose clamps to suit all applications.

Lube filtration

The lube system functions as the central circulatory system on modern diesel engines.It is vatally important to have the correct filtration the engines running at peak performance.A well engineered lube system will provide maximum protection for every diesel engine application.

Kit Systems

With new economical challenges facing us everyday, operating a successful fleet requires a skillful balance of cost effective maintenance and keeping your fleet running. Fleet owners have a defined understanding of time and how it influence your business. With our unique kit systems we ensure that your time is pent where it is most needed - planning and executing the movement of your fleet - while we make your filter maintenance uncomplicated and more cost effective.




With todays diesel engines generating more heat the coolant system is more important than ever before.Our reday to use coolant and the correct fitment of coolant filtration contains the rust,scale formation,acidity,foaming,silica drop out and debris and also transfers heat to maintain correct operating conditions for optimal performance.

FHS - Customised Filtration
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