Welcome to Filter & Hose Solutions
  Our values are a reflection of our identity as a company. They are applied in our daily operations and the guiding principles of our actions.


We pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard of business integrity. Our behaviour in everything we do express honesty, transparency, fairness, honour and ethical conduct.


As a company we recognise and reward excellence, creativity and initiative. We are constantly considering concepts that will increase the value and benefits we offer. In challenging market conditions, continuous improvement and positive transformation is important for extended success.


The importance of respect towards people and their diversity in culture and principles is evident in a harmonious working environment. Regarding the environment, authorities, policies and procedures with respect is vital to the sustainable growth of our company.


At FHS we acknowledge that we are responsible for our business performance, quality and standards and daily conduct. We are accountable as individuals and as a company for our actions and the results they produce.


People are invaluable assets and we are devoted to the development, empowerment and personal growth of our employees. We refuse to be directly or indirectly involved in any kind of discrimination or harassment and believe that our commitment to empower people should also benefit formerly disadvantaged communities. The health and safety of our people is a priority and we will go beyond legal requirements to ensure a safe working environment.
FHS - Customised Filtration
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